Welcome To The Bobby Mason Audio Experience

A podcast designed for all entrepreneurs battling the long and lonely road of creating a successful venture. You aren't alone!

Welcome to The Bobby Mason Audio Experience

Welcome to The Bobby Mason Audio Experience! The world of entrepreneurship is viewed as a glitzy, almost heroic career, with a guaranteed pathway to riches and success. Entrepreneurship is viewed as the most awesome career you can find. Just dream up a great idea, talk to a guru about how to market that idea, make a website, and BANG, you might as well buy your mansion now! After all, you are an entrepreneur, you will be printing cash in a matter of days. WRONG! We have real entrepreneurs, with real experiences in how difficult it is to launch a successful venture on the show. Listen in as they share their true entrepreneurial stories, life lessons, success methods and royal f$#%-ups.



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If you look at how entrepreneurship is glamorized on social media, you’d think that it’s easy and exciting and fun for 98% of the time. Truth is… it’s the reverse. Entrepreneurship is super difficult and lonely. Most successful entrepreneurs spend their days fighting fires and trying to stay ahead of the next problem.

I’m Bobby Mason, I’ve had three successful exits as CEO and a few epic bombs. I’m now the CEO and founder of Educating Entrepreneurs. A new, high growth entrepreneurial based learning platform. This is my daily story about the successes and failures I encounter while I try to grow a business from zero dollars to millions, in a matter of years. Welcome to my life!

This is a weekly business podcast designed for college students and other young professionals. I find actionable advice from ultra-successful business experts who know exactly what life-hacks are required in order to succeed.

This is one of the first podcasts I’ve seen designed specifically for young professionals. I have interviewed Forbes #1’s, Fortune 500 Executives, and Global CEO’s with one single question in mind: “What skills or actionable tasks can young professionals work on to become highly sought after by VIPs and large organizations around the country?”

I hope I’ve gotten your attention… Because if I haven’t, you are going to miss out on valuable information that could separate you from your peers.

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