How to handle pressure

Show Notes

The boys are back and Big Joe has a question for all of us:


“For me, there is almost never a time that I am not thinking about work. Issues in the present, issues in the future, and the overload of tasks that need to be completed during the next day/week/month. It’s not healthy or a sustainable way of living. The stress is constant and difficult to control.


How do you handle the enormous amounts of stress each of us put upon ourselves?”


Great question Joe. Listen in to hear what each of us do to handle the pressure we put on ourselves.


Oh, one last thing! Remember last week, when we talked about our Zone of Geniuses? We ended the show by telling Brandon to be prepared with a new Zone of Genius this week and shockingly, he wasn’t prepared. So, next week, if he doesn’t have a Zone of Genius at the ready, we’ll be shaving his head… just a quick side note for you:)

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