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Something you learn early on as an entrepreneur is you need help from others in order to survive. Help may come in the form of interns, employees, business partners, customers, or investors. And no matter what form of help you might need, you’re commonly going to need to have an awesome presentation to convince that individual to support your startup, that’s why it’s key to develop a great presentation.

This is the actual guide we use for the startups in our Ignitor Program as they prepare for Demo Day. We believe a good pitch is key to a startup’s success. Whether you’re talking to an investor, business executive, or key partner; if they’re good at what they do, you’ll need to be even better at portraying why they should help you and your venture. Therefore, your ability to describe your startup to an audience in an effective way is really important. On top of that, just taking the time to create the presentation is important and valuable because it allows you to see exactly where your company is at. It’s just like writing a business plan because it forces your team to come together and put exactly who you are, what progress you’ve made, and where you want to go into words.

Key concepts covered include:

  • An Overall Guide To Presentations
  • Designing An Awesome Pitch Deck