About Us

We're a team of experts ready to save you time and money as you build your startup.

Lee Hutton - COO
Bobby Mason — Founder & CEO

Our Story

Our story is relatively straightforward and simplistic... We are sick of the overwhelming abundance of get rich fast ads online about starting a successful startup. As a team, we've founded over 20 startups with revenues ranging from $100,000 - $10,000,000. We've seen it all and we want to share that experience with you.

Yes, that is a similar story to hundreds of other startup programs. but here's the difference: We don't need to turn a profit day one. This is important for you to understand because that means we will be doing anything in our power to help your startup succeed (zero alternative motives). Therefore, don't you dare give up or give into the wrong temptations with your business before spending a little time with us.

Our Main Team

"You don't build a business--you build people--and then people build the business." We are the people who will help build your business the right way.

Bobby Mason

We can all be starters, initiators, and challengers. “Entrepreneurs.”

Brandon Wilson

We can all learn more, leading to unlimited possibilities.

Lee Hutton

Stay well balanced, with a chip on each of your shoulders.

Numbers Speak


Companies Started

$50+ MM

In Combined Revenue


Elite Mentors


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