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Welcome to a brand new, hands on, Minnesota based accelerator program that brings your concept from idea stage to a full fledged successful business.

Our Mission

90% of startups fail... Our mission is to sacrifice all we possibly can to help your startup succeed.


A brand new startup accelerator giving entrepreneurs access to mentoring, networks, and funding.


Access to an endless roadmap of entrepreneurial knowledge. That's right, the course will never end!

Learn To Become An Entrepreneur With StartU

So you'd like to start a business? Awesome. Starting a business is one of the most difficult and most rewarding experiences in life. But the process for getting started can feel daunting. We are going to help you cut through the confusion--to not only learn how to properly plan and launch your business, but make sure it cash flows, too. It's our guarantee!

Step One

Personal & Business Development For Startup Founders

You might already have an amazing idea or you might already be fully committed to the idea of starting your own company… but actually developing a company and generating sales is super hard without the proper skills.

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Step Two

The Right Cofounder

Blunt Fact: 70% of companies fail due to cofounder conflict. Don’t be a statistic! Use this cofounder guide.

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Step Three

The Design Sprint

The Design Sprint is about to become your best friend as you focus on creating a product customers need.

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Step Four

How To Pitch

This is the guide we use for startups in our Ignitor program. A good pitch is key to startup success.

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Join a network of hundreds of founders just like you across the country. Get access to entrepreneurs near you and build strong connections.


Receive exclusive access to the Ignitor accelerator program where we invest in your new venture.


Engage with our team and receive hands on consulting whenever you need it. It doesn’t matter the problem… we’ve seen it before and we’ll help you solve it.


Get access to endless content: Brand new modules every month, access to in-depth startup tips not shared in the course, video footage from our Ignitor dinners, and content designed just for you (all you have to do is ask).


We know we’re crazy, but we genuinely care about your success as an entrepreneur. If this course doesn’t quadruple the value you pay, give us a call and we’ll refund your course fee + we’ll pay you a small fee for wasting your time.

Improve Your Chances Of Startup Success With Our Ignitor Program

Let's face it, building a company is hard as hell, especially the first year when you have limited resources, no support, and very little direction. That's when we come in! We are your first investor, your first partner, your first employee, but more importantly, we are there for you: giving you access to our office, our network, our resources, and our time. We become a part of your entrepreneurial family and do anything to lead your startup to success.

Welcome to Ignitor! Ignitor is an accelerator… a hands on mentoring/consulting program that brings concepts from idea stage to full fledged startups. Ignitor’s methodology is clear and simple: MENTORSHIP IS EVERYTHING! It’s important that an early, inexperienced entrepreneur learn the ins and outs of the startup game. Our team has built companies before… and we are going to hold your hand every day, explaining all the facets of the startup world. We will be your lead blocker as you launch your passion.

Mentorship is at the core of Ignitor accelerator and we don’t believe in the “one-size-fits-all” advice that founders often get in other accelerators or in school programs. At Ignitor, Bobby, Brandon, and Lee work alongside the startup founders. We roll up our sleeves and figure stuff out – everything – together with the founders.

Every entrepreneur has glaring weaknesses and inefficiencies, that’s normal and expected! That’s where we do things a little differently at Ignitor… at most accelerators, your weaknesses are identified and then you are given advice on how you can fix it (read a book, go to class, get a mentor). We don’t believe in that model. If you’re an entrepreneur and you’ve made it into the Ignitor program, you’re extremely talented at a bevy of skills and we want you to focus on those skills. Therefore, we plug your weaknesses with talent. If we identify you are struggling with your companies finances, we’ll add a CFO to your team for a few hours a week. If you can’t market your product or service, we will have a social media or advertising guru join your team until you have your company’s marketing figured out.

The moral of the story is: We want you to focus on your strengths. We don’t want you to waste your time learning new skills, just because you’re a startup with limited resources.

This is the #1 conversation piece surrounding the Ignitor program: Why would startups give up equity without receiving money in return?

The answer is simple: 75% of venture backed companies fail and we don’t want your startup to fall into that percentile. Beyond that, most accelerators invest money for equity and then push the startups out the door after 3 short months. WE don’t invest money but we do give our startups access to FREE space, networks, courses, mentors, resources, and consulting for up to two years or until the startup generates $1,000,000 in yearly revenue. Ignitor cares about business success not about fitting in with the other accelerator models.

P.S. In our professional opinions, we’d give up equity in our company without hesitation if we found a partner that could give us years of experience, $50,000+ in immediate resources, constant media and marketing attention, access to elite mentors, and a staff of employees that we could use for free… Why wouldn’t you?

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