Episode 32 - You Can't Do It Alone, But You Have To Do It Alone

August 13, 2019

Our topic for today’s episode is you can’t do it alone, but you have to do it alone when it comes to entrepreneurship. We get into areas such as focusing on other skill sets vs teaching those around you something new, do we think it is necessary to have a clear cut leader when it comes to your group that you are working with and we get into someone of a deep talk at the end.

Episode 31 - Think Big, Think New, Think Again

July 21, 2019

On today's episode we will be discussing thinking big, thinking new, and thinking again when it comes to entrepreneurship. We get into topics such as having a mindset that you can create a company that can change the world, if we think big or small, if there is a curse to thinking big and much more.

Episode 30 - Make The Commitment

July 16, 2019

I want to apologize ahead of time that the sound quality at times is not the best and we are figuring out what went wrong during the recording of the show. BUT we still have a great show ahead for all of you. On today's episode we talk about making the commitment when it comes to entrepreneurship. We get into topics such as risk, being scared to fail, being honest with yourself, and much more.

Episode 29 - Can Entrepreneurship Be Learned?

July 9, 2019

We’ve got a jam-packed episode for you guys with a lot of helpful information. On today’s episode we ask ourselves, can entrepreneurship be learned? We all have some different opinions on this and talk about things such as commitment, having a growth mindset, a great discussion on observing the masses and doing the opposite and much, much more. 

Episode 28 - Networking

June 17, 2019

Today we are talking about networking! We are going to focus on doing your homework, just like school you need to prepare for who you are talking to before going into a network event. It gives you an advantage over others and shows that you care. We later get into VIP statements, how each of us network, and keeping the list of key people you network with that you should stay connected with to make yourself and business successful. And finally we get into following up, this is a key part of networking that many people miss out on because they get lazy or forget, but this can make a huge difference.

Episode 27 - Are You An Entrepreneur

June 10, 2019

On today’s episode we discuss if we are actually entrepreneurs. This is something we feel people to ask themselves before jumping into the world of entrepreneurship. We will give you all of the questions we asked ourselves before getting started as well as what warnings we have before becoming an entrepreneur.

Episode 26 Pt. 2 - Mapping Out Pricing For Educating Entrepreneurs

June 4, 2019

In this episode we discuss pricing out the courses for Educating Entrepreneurs! Let us know if you like the strategy we are going with and if you would do it differently!

Episode 26 - How Easy Is It To Start A Business?

June 3, 2019

Hello everyone! Welcome to Pocket Thoughts! We hope you have been enjoying the new way we have been doing our podcast as well as the second part of our podcast where you take a dive into what an Educating Entrepreneur’s meeting sounds like.

On today’s episode we focus on starting. How easy is it to actually start a business? One of the biggest fears we hear about it people having no idea where to start and that they are horrified of the unknown when it comes to pursuing a passion and starting a business. We want this episode to give you all the insight on simple ways to start exploring your side hobby and passion without having the fear of it scare you away.

Episode 25 - Mentorship

May 27, 2019

Hello and welcome to Pocket Thoughts! On today’s episode we will be talking about mentors and mentorship. We dive into topics about how to find the right mentor, what you can provide for your mentor and how having a mentor is even like being in a relationship with your significant other.

Episode 24 Pt. 2 - Social Media Strategy

May 21, 2019

Hello everyone! Introducing our newest part of the podcast which is our value add to YOU! After we record the first part of the podcast you will get an in-depth look into Educating Entrepreneurs and how we operate our weekly meetings. Let us know what you think of this and try to use our strategies yourself!

Episode 24 - Know Your Finances

May 20, 2019

Hello and welcome to Pocket Thoughts! As we mentioned last week we are switching things up a bit and just focusing on one topic and having a discussion based on that. Today’s topic is finance! You will be hearing a range of where our personal finances stand and how we can improve on that as well as finances for your company and how you should handle them from start to finish. Check out our social media, this week you will see a change and new posts we are testing out. We may even reach out to you to get featured on our Instagram page about your journey through entrepreneurship. I hope you all enjoy the show and have a great week!

Hello and welcome to Pocket Thoughts! We’ve got an interesting episode for you all today! Bobby will go more into depth on this at the beginning of the show, but we all gave each other a week to think about EE and where we stand with it. Do we like it still? Do we want to move forward with it? Is someone in the group leaving? You will hear those answers and more during the episode! Thank you all for listening and have a wonderful week!

Episode 22 - Work Frustrations, Retaining Customers, Entrepreneurial Experience and Getting Into Entrepreneurship

May 12, 2019

Hello! And welcome to Pocket Thoughts. We’ve got the whole crew back for todays episode so get excited about that. Our first question today is how do you handle your frustrations at work? You’ll get to hear about my bad day at work and how I should have handled it and what advice I get for the future when it may happen again.

The second question for today is What do companies / startups need to do to in order to attract / retain customers? (Or if it’s easier for you - what do companies you like currently do to attract/retain you?)

The third question is what do you want to get out of your entrepreneurial experience over the next year? Whether that be knowledge, money, fame, etc

And the unofficial fourth question that came up in the end of the episode is why do you think people don’t jump into entrepreneurship.

It’s a jam packed episode full of good information and another EE update at the end. Thank you all for listening and enjoy the rest of your week!

Episode 21 - Favorite Failure, Special Sauce, and Key Activities

April 21, 2019

Welcome to Pocket Thoughts everyone! On today’s episode we each share one specific failure that set us up for success and made us who we are today. Our second topic is what is our special sauce? The best way to describe this is, what sets you or your company apart from everyone else. And the final question that we have is what are a couple key activities you would recommend entrepreneurs invest their time in. A lot of good suggestions there and in my opinion an all around great episode. I hope you guys enjoy the show and have a wonderful week!

Episode 20 - Social Media Following, Favorite Quote, and What We Do To Stay On Track With Our Goals

April 15, 2019

Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Pocket Thoughts! Big milestone for us here at Educating Entrepreneurs and Pocket Thoughts as we hit our 20th podcast episode. I’m very glad we have made it this far and can’t wait to provide you guys with more episodes and more useful content.

On today’s episode we talk about what strategy we use to gain followers on social media and what we look for when following different accounts. Our second question is what is our favorite quote or phrase and why. Really good quotes there and reach out to us on any social media platform and let us know what your favorite quote or phrase is. And our final question for today is what is something (or multiple things) you do to stay on track and focused to a goal / vision?

We finally have an EE update so look for that towards the end of the show and I hope you all have a great week!

Episode 19 - Biggest Distraction, Optimism, and Advance For Someone Considering Entrepreneurship

April 8, 2019

Hello everyone and welcome to Pocket Thoughts! We’ve got a great episode on deck for you guys today. It will be just Joey Bobby and I today and we should have Brady back next week.

Our first question for today is what is your biggest distraction during the day and how are you trying to fix or avoid that distraction? Our second question is at what point do you set you optimism aside and become more realistic? And our third and final question is what advice would you give someone considering entrepreneurship?

Episode 18 - Questions For Your Role Model, 3 Important Factors For A Successful Start Up, and Books That Have Changed Our Life

April 1, 2019

Hello everyone and happy Monday! This is Pocket Thoughts and I am your co-host Brandon. We’ve got a great show planned for you all today, Bobby is on vacation so it is just Joey, Brady, and I.

The first question we get into is, If you were walking down the street and you saw someone you looked up to in the entrepreneurial world, what would you ask them? Our second question is, what are the three most important factors necessary to have a successful startup/run a successful business? And the final question is what business related book has inspired you or changed your perspective on life the most and how? We have some great book suggestions for you guys to read, and if you forget them they are in the show notes so check those out and let us know what you think of them.

Episode 17 - Social Media Shut Down, Knowledge Before Starting A Business, How EE Is Unique, & How Our Motivations/Goals Have Changed Since Becoming An Entrepreneur

March 18, 2019

Hello and welcome to Pocket Thoughts! Today is March 18th and we have a great episode planned for you guys today. Brady won’t be on today’s show, so it will just be Bobby, Joey, and I. The day we recorded this episode was the day that Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp were shut down for over 6 hours so our first question is focused on that. Hypothetically if those apps were shut down for a month how would you go about marketing your business?

Our second question is what do you think one major aspect of business an entrepreneur should have knowledge on when starting a business? We then dive into an Educating Entrepreneur related question and talk about how Educating Entrepreneurs differentiates from other courses in our personal opinion and where we see Educating Entrepreneurs in 10 years.

Our third question we asked was, since we first started thinking about being an entrepreneur, how have our goals and motivation changed over time. And the final question for todays episode we each give our own definition of an what entrepreneur really is.

Thank you everyone for listening!

Episode 16 - Thank You For Your Honesty

March 11, 2019

Happy Monday everyone! Thank you for taking time out of your day to listen to Pocket Thoughts. On today’s episode we get very honest and real with each other by asking the question of what is one characteristic, trait, and as Bobby would say one little Hebejeebie that concerns us about going into business with each other? This also leads us into talking about potentially having the conversation about what would happen if one of us were to be dragging the company down and what we would do about that. This may be a tough conversation for most people to have, especially with their friends, but it is extremely beneficial and I suggest everyone do it. Enjoy the episode and have a great week!

Episode 15 - Excuses, Biggest Hurdle, and Best Purchase

March 4, 2019

Hello everyone and happy March. Thank you for tuning into Pocket Thoughts, I am your cohost Brandon and we’ve got another great episode ahead for everyone.

Our first question for today is do you think people say “that’s just not the way I work/think” is an excuse or is it a valid reason to not try something in a certain way. Question number two is what is the biggest hurdle you face on a daily basis. And the final question is what is the best purchase you have made in the last month or 2 that has benefited your life the most? Enjoy the show and have a great week!

Episode 14 - Biggest Weakness, Feeling Stuck, and Current Position In Life

February 25, 2019

Hello everyone! Happy Monday and welcome to Pocket Thoughts. On today’s show we will be discussing our biggest weakness, what suggestions we have for motivation when we are feeling stuck at work, whether it be not being able to move up or if you are even in the right spot. Our final question for today is are you where you thought you would be at this point in your life? Enjoy the show and have a great week!

Episode 13 - Down The Rabbit Hole

February 18, 2019

Hello everyone and welcome to Pocket Thoughts. A little note before we begin the show, we had some issues with the audio and there is some over lapping during the show so you will sometimes here questions answered before they are asked. I tried my best to fix it but just a warning it may sound confusing at some points. BUT other than that we have a great episode for you guys today. We learn about joeys epiphany  and then we go down the rabbit hole we were discussing at the end of episode 12. We talk about where we see ourselves in the next 5-10 years and how we plan on getting there. Bobby takes a look into my life and what I want my future to look like and how much I would need to make to live that lifestyle. I encourage all of you to do this because the number will surprise you. Later we get into making time during our day for what we are passionate for even if it’s just 15 mins. Enjoy the episode and let us know what you thought!

Episode 12 - Role Models, Non Negotiable's, and Deciding When It's Time To Quit

February 11, 2019

Happy Monday everybody, welcome to episode 12 of Pocket Thoughts, we’ve got another longer episode for you guys today. We have been getting pretty excited for our topics recently and we hope you guys are enjoying and really taking in what we are saying.

The first question we have for today is Who is your role model in life/business? How do you go about finding that role model? Our second question is what is your one major non-negotiable? And the third and final question we talk about today is when or how do you decide when it is time for you to quit from a given topic, hobby, opportunity, relationship, literally anything in life that you have been working on? We got deep into that topic and it leads us into what we will be talking about next episode which is our 5 year plan.

Episode 11 - Luck, The Instagram Lifestyle, and How You Keep Going When You Know Someone Is better Than You

February 4, 2019

On today's episode we discuss our view on luck and if has anything to do with success. We then get into a long talk on the Instagram lifestyle and how we think we should represent ourself on social media. Do we fake it until we make it or do we be real with ourselves and show people the real us? After that we talk about opportunities and how we keep going when we know that there is someone out there better at what your job. Enjoy the show!

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