Episode 10 - Rejuvenation, Knowledge Gained From Our Worst Boss, and Bad Habits Keeping You From Getting To The Next Level

January 28, 2019

HELLO! Welcome to Pocket Thoughts - we have made it 10 episodes in and it has been a blast so far. We are without Bobby on today’s episode because he is on vacation. BUT we have Joey back so we will have a great episode for you guys with Brady, Joey and I.

On today's episode our first question is what are some of your favorite ways of rejuvenating your mind and body? Next we find out the best thing we learned from our worst boss, and if you have been lucky enough to not have a bad boss, what the best thing we have learned from a boss we had or currently have. The final question for today is what is one or more bad habits you currently have that you think is keeping you from getting to the next level. Enjoy the show and I hope you all have a great week!

Episode 9 - Dream Work Day, Knowledge We Have Gained On Our Entrepreneurial Journey, and Discovering What Makes Us Happy

January 21, 2019

Hello everyone! It is Monday, January 21st and you are listening to episode 9 of Pocket Thoughts! If you’re a first time listener welcome, if you’re not then welcome back!

On today’s episode our first question is what would your dream work day look like? Now we say dream work day because we are all entrepreneurs here and we spend our days putting that work in to make it big and not sitting around. WHICH will be a little debate later with Bobby and Brady when Brady tells Bobby he’s changed so get excited for that. How has Bobby changed? You will have to listen and find out! Question number 2 is what is the most important thing you have learned on your entrepreneurial journey so far? And question number 3 we find out how each of us discovered what makes us happy. Finally we have our weekly wrap up and educating entrepreneurs update.

Episode 8 - Advice On Entering The Real World, Risk, and Telling Others About Your Side Business

January 14, 2019

Happy Monday, It’s Brandon once again we’ve got another great episode of Pocket Thoughts for you guys today. We do apologize in advance we had some technical difficulties in the beginning of the show so it may be a bit confusing, but we got through it for you guys at that’s all that matters. Todays questions include:

What advice would you give a college student about to enter the world? What is one of the risks you are considering taking this year that will have a major effect on your life? Which leads us to our next question on how we think, our business, Educating Entrepreneurs, is a risk for us and what we would do if it failed. Final question: How would you go about telling people at work that you are working on a side business? Hopefully this gives you guys some advice on if you are going through this currently and different ways we provide to get you through it. And last but not least the weekly wrap up.

Episode 7 - New Years Resolutions

January 7, 2019

Hello everyone! It's Monday, it's the New Year, it's Pocket Thoughts! On today's episode we are going to focus a lot on the New Year and the New Year’s resolutions that we have. Our first question that were going to ask each other is what is our process for long-term goal setting, after that we are going to dive more into our New Year’s resolutions. You guys get to take a peak at what we hope to accomplish this year and hopefully if you guys haven't figured anything out on your end, we can kind of give you ideas and help you guys out. We have our weekly wrap up at the end, we’ve got some good stuff there. Enjoy the show and good luck with your week!

Episode 6 - Sacrifices, Making It and Impacting The World

December 31, 2018

Hello ladies and gentlemen happy Monday and happy new year! Do you guys have your goals for 2019 ready to go? I know one of mine is going to be working on getting procrastination out of my life! It is late on a Sunday night and I am just getting this intro going. Could be sleeping but I waited and now we’re here. Get those goals set and start off 2019 on a good note! On today’s episode we find out what sacrifices each of us are making to become an entrepreneur and why we are okay with making those sacrifices. Next we talk about how you know you have “made it” in entrepreneurship and life and finally we look at where we currently stand in life and if we feel we are making the impact in the world that feels good for us.

Episode 5 - The Past And Future Of Entrepreneurship, Traits Of A College Grad, and Favorite Development Apps

December 24, 2018

Good morning, afternoon, evening, whenever you guys are listening. Today is Monday December 24th and we’ve got another great episode of Pocket Thoughts in store for you guys. On today’s episode we discuss how we think entrepreneurship has changed in the past 5 years and what we predict will happen in the next 5 to 10 years. We then talk about what we think is the most important trait/characteristic/ mind set that is missing from students coming straight out of school. Next we share what our favorite application that we are using for development right now and an appt that isn't out there right now that we wish we had. We had some pretty interesting ideas come in our heads and hopefully one day we can see some of these ideas become an actual thing.  Enjoy the show!

Episode 4 - Routines, Sleepless Nights, and Accountability Partners 

December 17, 2018

Hello, welcome back to Pocket Thoughts, once again I am Brandon, one of the cohosts of this show and today is Monday, what some may consider the scariest day of the week. But, have no fear because we are here to help. If you have listened to our past 3 episodes you know the drill. If this is your first time listening, welcome! Myself, Bobby, Brady, and Joey share true stories, life lessons, successes and struggles with you every week and an inside look to the life of an entrepreneur. In today’s episode we discuss our routines and how they help us succeed throughout the day. Next, we talk about what keeps us up at night. For some it’s the scary thought of what the future brings and the list of things we need to get done. For others it is the fact that we are so excited for it to be tomorrow because of all of the things we want to continue to work on and accomplish that we had to stop today because it’s recommended that people need to sleep. Our final topic we discuss is having an accountability partner. Do we have one? Do we need one? Can it be someone you don’t even talk to? We are also trying something new out at the end of the episode where we give you a run down on our week and look at what’s ahead for us. Enjoy the show!

Episode 3 - Fears

December 10, 2018

Hello everyone and welcome back! This is the 3rd episode of Pocket Thoughts presented by Educating Entrepreneurs and we’ve got a great episode ahead for you guys. Today we talk about our biggest fears, whether it be in life, business, or even in our development in entrepreneurship. During that discussion we take a dive into the school system and how we think students should be taught. Do we need to take those core classes or why is it not encouraged that someone can be the best in the arts, gym, or whatever you have a passion for? Later Joey calls out Bobby for being an arrogant prick and Bobby explains why he is alright with being called that. After breaking down each other fears we talk about the fact that there is no reason not to take a chance. What’s the worst that can happen? Who knows, just by asking that question or talking to that person you have always been scared to talk to because of rejection or whatever excuse you gave yourself for not doing it, it could open up a door to possibilities you never imagined. Enjoy the show!

Episode 2 - Management Styles and The High School Downfall

December 3, 2018

Happy Monday ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the second episode of Pocket Thoughts! I am one of the co-hosts Brandon and today we will be going back in time a bit not only in presidential history, but in our own lives as well. Our first topic will be Abe Lincoln’s management style and if we agree with it and how we ourselves manage others. Our second topic we discuss is criticism from others and how each of us handle it. And for the final topic Bobby, Brady, and Joey bring us back to their high school days and the first time they all were part of a company together and how poorly it went. I hope you guys can learn a thing or two from our experiences and apply them into your own lives.

Episode 1 - Welcome To Pocket Thoughts! 

November 26, 2018

Welcome to Pocket Thoughts! In today's 21st century the word entrepreneurship conjures up feelings of optimism, success, and happiness. The world of entrepreneurship is viewed as a glitzy, almost heroic career, with a guaranteed pathway to riches and success! You've seen how it works on T.V. social media, and the YouTube channels. Entrepreneurship is the most awesome career you can find. Just dream up a great idea, talk to a guru about how to market that idea, make a website, and BANG you might as well buy your mansion now! Purchase that Ferrari you've always wanted and prepare yourself to date the hottest woman in the world. After all, you are an entrepreneur, you will be printing cash in a matter of days. WRONG! We are four entrepreneurs with backgrounds in medicine, logistics, accounting, and tech with very different experiences. Therefore, we will share true stories, life lessons, successes and struggles with you all every week to give you a real inside look to the life of an entrepreneur.

Educating Entrepreneurs